All Natural Sex

Natural Raw Sex (Solo), Uncut 720P

This was a custom video request that the video be done with no make up all natural, no edits, raw, & uncut so here it is. This is rare for me to create a video and not do any edits to it or transitions, etc. So all I did was add a title and let the camera run. It starts off we me in a red t-shirt on, hair up in a messy flipped bun, no make up, and no panties 😉 on the couch. I think we both know exactly where this is leading too, skipping the movie, and straight to your hard cock in my hands, I mean its already out and hard, I can’t help myself but to wrap my lips on the head, and take you into my wet mouth. I grip it at the base and suck it, I strip out of my t-shirt, and after a few good licks and sucking, I slide you inside of me. I take your cock nice and slow inside of me, up and down with my big ass perfectly in your view, some moaning, light dirty talking, I eventually guide you out of my pussy, lick your hard cock, and slide you in again, while I bounce and give you a nice view of my tits and my natural face but I know what’s really going to make you cum, my ass. I know you want to feel that even tighter hole wrapped around your aching cock for me. I wiggle, I push in your head, I slide you down, and gasp for a moment before I start riding your cock in my ass, bouncing ever so perfectly up and down, slow, and sensual, begging for a load of cum from your cock. I want to make you cum, and I think you should blow it deep inside of my ass. Eventually as I ride it little harder, I make you nut inside of me (virtual implied), I climb off lick my ass off your cock, and talk about how enjoying that was versus the movie. Laying back, I spread my thick thighs and let you hear how soaking wet I am from that hot sex. This video includes uncut, unedited, natural, no make up, blonde, dirty talking, bbc, riding, pov, big ass, big butt, pawg, curvy, bbw, big tits, natural tits, anal, anal masturbation, boob bouncing, ass bouncing, thick thighs, tan, tan line, blowjob, amateur, etc.